Development trend of switching industry

- Mar 22, 2018-

One, analysis of the trend of switching power supply

With the rapid development of China, the switch profession has become a member of many electronic professions. There are many types of switch, such as temperature control switch, rotary switch, direct key switch, button switch and so on. Today, the trend of switching power occupations is briefly analyzed.

1. The trend of switching power supply

A, green

The green switching power supply will be widely used. The green switching power supply is in detail the obvious energy saving and no pollution of the electric network. The twenty-first Century node and environmental protection request will make a variety of intelligent switching power skills widly used, so that the power supply structure is distributed from centralized to distributed.

B, miniaturization

The small high frequency switching power and its skills become the mainstream of the modern power supply system. The miniaturization and lighten components of the power supply are particularly important for portable electronic devices, such as mobile phones and digital cameras. Therefore, improving the power density of the switching power supply and the power of the power supply to make it miniaturized and lightening is the policy that everyone is trying to seek. The skills of high frequency and soft switching are one of the most important skills for the miniaturization of power supply. These years are one of the hot topics in the international power and electronics field.

C, digitization

The digital power supply combines the high efficiency of the switch power and the intelligent control of the digital chip, and adjusts the voltage and current by using the appropriate algorithm. Compared with the analog power, the digital power can make accurate digital correction for the current inspection error, and the voltage check is more accurate. It can complete the fast and flexible operation planning.

D, integration

In order to improve the reliability of the system, it is a trend that the whole machine manufacturer and the meta - equipment manufacturer cooperate to develop the "user - specific" power module. That is to install a whole almost all hardware have chip form to a module, no traditional wire connected between many components, to minimize the parasitic parameters, then the power equipment and power equipment for the yuan to minimize the electrical stress, to the reliability of the system of progress intention equipment.

2. The prospect of switching power shopping mall

China Power Association and ICTresearch speculated that the output of China's power industry will reach 215 billion 600 million yuan in 2015 and an average annual increase of 13.39% in 2011-2015 years.

With the development of power supply to miniaturization, thinning, lightweight and high frequency, it can be estimated that the output of light, thin, small and high-frequency switching power supply will increase more than that of all power sources in the future. China Power Association estimates that by 2011, the national output of switching power supply will reach 128 billion yuan, and the output of switching power supply in China will reach 187 billion 500 million yuan in 2015.

Strategic proposition of switching power supply

1. Commodity

"12th Five-Year" period, with the further development of Chinese information industry, increase the intensity of information company, custom power commodity shopping center will continue to increase stability, but only the manufacturers of goods and custom power occupation customer transaction all blending can create higher value for customers, and let customers willing to pay a higher custom power commodity the cost of.

Green energy saving is the main point of developing custom power supply products in the future. In the future, customized power supply is no longer just a single supply of goods, but rather a response to manufacturers need to provide more perfect management solutions. The new needs of all commodity manufacturers put forward higher and higher requests for all power solutions. A customized power supply company, such as an opportunity to seize opportunities in a dangerous situation and a brand competitiveness, will win the trust of users in challenges and competitions, primarily depending on whether the whole solution plan of its supply can blend with users' needs.

2.The future will have the goods increasing manufacturers put out custom power using external affairs outsourcing, excellent professional team to accept the transaction, then concentrate on the center of affairs, declines to the cost and improve the power and enhance company core competence and external link strain capacity. Under this trend, more OEM/ODM vendors will use their service as a self - competition power. As the speed of information communication speeds up, the quotation of goods on the mall tends to be revealed. If a power manufacturing company wants to get a manufacturer's order, it needs to provide valuable value-added services. Planning service is the most one of the flat TV power supply the most important value-added services, especially to provide actual solutions, custom power contrast strong request in the occupation skill manufacturing, from OEM to ODM increase in the value chain planning process, to extend the industrial chain, and gradually occupied the high-end value chain. Outstanding planning ability and quick response to logistics will become the key to winning customers.

In addition, to speed up the processing of the order, and the after-sales quality and service, close to and assist the customer to solve the problem, improve the professionalism of the skill and service. Grasp the progress of the first customer's project development, strengthen the speed of skill service assistance and the speed of the development of new goods. Strengthen the quality of outsourcing goods and control. The time to shorten the planned development of the leading new goods is the performance of the high quality service of the manufacturers in the future.