How To Prevent Poor Contact Of Terminal Block Connector 2

- Jul 15, 2020-

②Single Hole Separation Force Detection

Single hole separation force is refers to in close contact by static variable for the separation force exercise to characterization of the pin and the jack are in contact. The experimental results show that the single hole separation force is too small, it is likely to cause the signal transient when the vibration and impact load. Using the method of measuring single hole to check the contact reliability is more effective than the contact resistance measurement. Check that the single hole separation force of the ultra poor jack, measuring contact resistance is often still qualified. Therefore, production plant in addition to development the development of a new generation of flexible in contact stable and reliable contact outside, should not for key model the automatic insertion force test machine more homogeneous test, answer the refined were 100% by single point hole separation and inspection, to prevent individual jacks relaxation caused instantaneous signal fault.