Metal Button Switches

- Jun 08, 2018-

The high frequency of metal button switch is bound to make innovations in traditional PWM switch skills. Completing ZVS and ZCS soft switching skills has become the mainstream technology of metal button switches, and greatly improves the operation efficiency of metal button switches. With regard to the high reliability target, the metal button switch manufacturers in the US have been reducing the operation current and decreasing the junction temperature to reduce the stress of the devices and improve the reliability of the products.

Modularity is the overall trend of the development of metal button switches. It can choose modular power to form a distributed power system, and it can be planned as a N+1 redundant power system and complete the capacity expansion of parallel methods. The metal button switch operation noise of this defect, if alone for its high-frequency noise will also increase with, and choose some resonant circuit skills, in theory, can be completed in high frequency and decrease noise, but the practice part of resonant skills still exist in the use of skills, it still required a lot of expansion in this category, in order to make the skill to be practical.