Selection And Purchase Of Light Touch Switch

- Jun 03, 2018-

1, for the first pin substrate, the touch switch pin material made of brass or copper (low grade iron), in order to reduce the contact resistance, pin basically silver, silver in the SO2 gas in the air will be oxidized, switch directly affects the solderability and contact resistance, so the high quality of the first touch switch control should be in place in the substrate thickness and the silver plating process on the pin.

2, the conduction reliability of key factors is the contact point of the structure, the touch switch function is the point of contact and contact conduction shrapnel, so the contact point of the contact surface of the bigger the better, the contact surface determined by the structure, there are about three kinds of market structure, order as follows: bullous ("O, volcano type) contact type, slot type" 2 point contact "," 1 point contact type bubble".

3, life is decided with stroke and feel the touch switch and shrapnel, shorter sound more light longer, the longer the trip and vice versa, in the process of shrapnel is fixed, mainly to see the trip or voice decided to touch switch life; in addition, key factors to determine the life or shrapnel stamping technology.

4, the accessory is after the final assembly process affect the quality of the decision depends on the assembly process production company management, staff quality and meaning of quality assurance ability and other factors, the final product quality assurance ability of different out is certainly different, now the market is artificial and machine assembling method, because the current ability to further enhance the automation, so each has advantages and disadvantages: low cost machine assembly but the product quality is low, the high cost of manual assembly but also high quality.

5, the last is the factory inspection, factory inspection method and project also affect the final quality of the light touch switch, such as appearance, conduction, resistance and other projects is sampling or inspection, such as some manufacturers required to measure the rejection rate is PPM or zero defect, will be in the factory inspection inspection even after the sampling process or quality inspection set.