Teach you the common sense and advantages of a power outlet

- Mar 22, 2018-

Today we say small household appliances. Now more and more small household electrical appliances, everyone in the use of Soybean Milk machine, mixer, have noticed that in fact many socket socket, small appliances are produced by Shenzhen qiangmeng shoes, we also pay more attention to the production of small household appliances socket, socket socket for our manufacturers of small appliances have some advantages for example: usually, small household appliances are most prone to failure is the motor stall and burning motor, when the motor is damaged, the entire device is broken,

Commonly used: one-time over current protection, recoverable temperature protection (also called bimetal thermostat), and now also use the plug to do block protection.

When the motor blockage when the current through the armature motor working current will be several times, usually can reach at least 4 times to 5 times or more, such a large current will cause the whole machine overall temperature rise sharply, resulting in electric insulation performance significantly decreased, finally the rotor or stator winding of the enameled wire the insulation layer is melted, serious, can cause the machine short combustion dangerous phenomenon.

Because the motor starts, in order to overcome the friction torque, current moment will be relatively large, but after start-up, did not happen in the case of stall, the working current will be a constant value, as a result of a fuse in the rated current of two times, will rapidly move is burned present, open, causing the motor fails to start, so the early use of disposable as motor over-current protection, in order to overcome the disadvantages of disposable insurance, rated current disposable fuse will usually choose the normal work is far greater than the motor current, although this avoids the problem of error protection instant start motor, but if the motor stall or overheating, will lead to protection is not timely, protective effect.