Two functions of the emergency switch

- Mar 22, 2018-

Two functions of the emergency button

1. For units (especially banks, shops, etc.) to prevent snatching and trigger alarm in time of emergency, it can be installed in easy to touch place. The family is usually installed at the head of the bed or the place where the hall is easy to touch.

2, the portable emergency button can also provide additional security for the disabled patients when they are alone at home. In addition, children or elderly patients can also benefit from this portable emergency button. They can send alarm messages to you or the alarm reception center at any time.

Installation method of emergency button

The emergency button is a small branch of the host alarm.

The emergency button is divided into wired and wireless transmission.

The wireless is not explained here much.

The cable emergency alarm button usually has three ports.  NO\NC\COM.

COM----NO often opens and COM-----NC is often closed

The emergency button connection is set according to the alarm mode of frequent opening and closing of the alarm host.

General residential alarm host or building intercom are often used.

So it's basically COM+NC

If multiple emergency buttons are connected, a parallel link must be used.

That is: com road and together, NC road and together.

The importance of the emergency button does not need to be more than words. In case of emergency, it can better notify the relevant personnel, so as to better protect their own safety, and let the emergency be transmitted and solved quickly.