Use attention and application range of dial switch

- Mar 22, 2018-

A switch is a switch to switch the circuit by switching a switch handle to connect or disconnect the circuit. The toggle switch commonly used varieties of a single pole double, three bit bipolar, unipolar and bipolar three, the slider has the characteristics of flexible action, reliable performance, in a variety of instruments equipment, electric toys, fax machines, audio equipment, medical equipment, beauty equipment, and other electronic products are widely used.

Precautions for the use of the switch:

1. use in the electric rating. More than the rated electrical use, it will not only reduce its durability, but also may be in danger of heating and burning.

2. the instantaneous voltage and current at the time of opening and closing are used in the range of rated voltage and rated current.

The application of the switching switch:

1. large current sealed switch. This switch has a limited current, and its current can only be 5A at most. And the sealing technology is used to seal the epoxy resin. This can be seen from the name. It has many kinds of appearance, and generally its contact material is different in different functions. In peacetime, there are two kinds of silver plating and gold, mainly used in electrical and mechanical.

2. patch type switch. The toggle switch is mounted on the surface. If it switches, it is usually operated on the side, and the pin is used for patch. This is usually seen in communication and digital video.

3. straight plug switch. This name is decided by the contact form of it, and the pin is in-line, and it is the most special is that it has 2 stalls, 3 stalls, 4 stalls, but also comes with the fixed bracket for supporting, and the electrical connection with, is widely used in building automation with electronic products.