What Is PPAP?

- Aug 03, 2020-

What Is PPAP?

The Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) specifies the general requirements for production part approval including production parts and bulk materials. The purpose of PPAP is to determine whether the supplier has correctly understood all the requirements of the customer's engineering design records and specifications, and whether its production process has the potential to meet customer requirements in the actual production process according to the specified production cycle.

It includes:

1、Approved product design record (Drawing and files)

2、Approved engineering change documents


4、Process flow diagram



7、Approved appearance report

8、Gauge and inspection tooling list

9、Size measurement report of part

10、Standard sample

11、material test result report

12、product performance test report

13、qualified laboratory documents

14、Initial process capability research report

15、MSA report

16、Material & Sub-supplier List

17、Special characteristic list

18、Approved packaging plan

19、Volume capacity validation analysis report


21、Facility & equipment list