5v Panel Mount Led

5v Panel Mount Led

HB22-BD/△/▲/ 22mm domed head plastic indicator with LED
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Part number:HB22-BD/△/▲/

Φ22mm Diameter

Head shape: domed head.

LED Color:Red,Green, Blue, Yellow, White, Orange.

LED Voltage (▲) 6V/12V/24V/36V/110V/220V

Panel thickness is 0.5~5mm

Note:1. Use LED lamp below 60V;use neon lamp above 60V.

2.The lamp contains current-limiting resistor inside and doesn't need connect


3. The standard is using AC/DC LED lamp, DC LED lamp, dual-color LED lamp

and other voltages can be customized.

2. Drawing :






3.Picture about factory:


Why choose us:

We are the most professional  manufacturer in push button switch and led indicator in China, We have a strong team over 10  engineers major in develop new series every year, we have more than 100 patents for push button switch and other products, we provide special service of different requirement by customer. Like special laser engraving symbol, special design, special wiring with connector, special structure for different area application. 

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