Classification Of Metal Button Switches

- Mar 22, 2018-

Everyone in the metal button switch skills side is the development of power electronic equipment, while the development of switch frequency skills, promote each other to promote a metal button switch each year to beyond the two digit growth rate toward the light, small, thin, low noise, high reliability and anti-jamming in the direction of expansion. Metal button switch AC/DC and DC/DC can be divided into two categories, DC/DC converter module has been completed, and planning skills and production skills at home and abroad have been mature and standardized, and has been recognized by the user, but the AC/DC modular because of their own characteristics in the process of making modular, meet complex skills and production problems. The following structure and characteristics of the two kinds of metal button switches are discussed respectively.


The metal button switch than linear power supply can be more trouble on the common mode interference sensitive electrical equipment, grounding and shielding measures should be adopted, according to ICE1000, EN61000, FCC constraints such as EMC, metal button switch are adopted EMC EMC measures, so the metal button switch should normally be EMC with EMC filter. For example, the HA series metal button switch of the Edward Fu skill, which connects the FG terminal to the earth or the user's chassis, can satisfy the request of the electromagnetic compatibility.

Maintenance circuit

Metal button switch is necessary in the planning of over-current, overheating, short circuit and other maintenance functions, so it should be the first choice to maintain complete metal button switch module in the planning, and the maintenance skill parameters of the circuit should work characteristics and electrical equipment matching, to prevent damage to the electric equipment or metal button switch.

Unfolding intention

The direction of the metal button switch is high frequency, high reliability, low consumption, low noise, anti disturbance and modularization. Because the key skills of metal button switch light, thin and small is high frequency, so the major foreign producers are committed to metal button switch element in the development of new equipment of synchronous high intelligence, especially to improve the two rectifying equipment in power loss, and ferrite (Mn? Zn) materials to increase the innovation of science and technology in order to improve, in high frequency and larger magnetic flux density (Bs) has high magnetic function, and the small capacitor is a key skill. The use of SMT skills has made great progress in the development of metal button switches. The two sides of the PCB are arranged on two sides to ensure that the metal button switch is light, thin and thin. Big and electric special metal button switch series and so on expect to negotiate.

The high frequency of metal button switch is bound to make innovations in traditional PWM switch skills. Completing ZVS and ZCS soft switching skills has become the mainstream technology of metal button switches, and greatly improves the operation efficiency of metal button switches. With regard to the high reliability target, the metal button switch manufacturers in the US have been reducing the operation current and decreasing the junction temperature to reduce the stress of the devices and improve the reliability of the products.

Modularity is the overall trend of the development of metal button switches. It can choose modular power to form a distributed power system, and it can be planned as a N+1 redundant power system and complete the capacity expansion of parallel methods. The metal button switch operation noise of this defect, if alone for its high-frequency noise will also increase with, and choose some resonant circuit skills, in theory, can be completed in high frequency and decrease noise, but the practice part of resonant skills still exist in the use of skills, it still required a lot of expansion in this category, in order to make the skill to be practical.