How To Choose A High Quality Switch

- Mar 22, 2018-

1. look at appearance: good quality switch, it looks luster, no fading, uniform material, exquisite workmanship, poor quality switch luster or lustre, and it will fade easily after a long time. In addition, a small switch is also one of the things that highlight the personality and temperament of the owner, so the style and color of the switch should be in accordance with the overall style of the room. Now switch manufacturers in order to cater to the tastes of young people, constantly develop new products, constantly enrich the product styles and colors, to meet consumer requirements at the same time also played a decorative function.

2. tentacles sense: good quality switch looks, smooth surface texture, delicate texture, smooth, light and smooth toggle switch; the poor quality of texture thick, feel bad, and a feeling tight plug, switch button stuck in the middle.

3. sound: the opening and closing of the switch is one of the criteria for selecting the switch. In general, switch to good quality, sound is clear and melodious and rhythmic sound; the poor quality of the switch is relatively dull, intermittent state. It Naximeng electrical switch with damping device, Simon special and advanced on-off structure can be reduced when the key toggle sounds, bring the opening sound rhythm, texture.

4.: Material: high quality switchboard material is made of bulletproof materials and other advanced materials, such as PC material. Its strength is high, and its fire resistance, moisture resistance and impact resistance are excellent. The materials used for the disqualified switch are easily deformed at high temperature, poor flame retardancy and low safety.

5. purchase brand: famous brand products, both in material and character, have been strictly controlled and have good guarantee in after-sales service. Therefore, when we choose to buy switch products, we encourage you to purchase as much as possible to Brand Company's exclusive stores or designated outlets, choose famous brands and pay attention to invoices.