How To Connect The Button Switch With The Lamp

- Mar 22, 2018-

In fact, how to switch wiring is very simple, the switch should be two terminal light, another 3 terminal switch, the switch terminal and terminal to find out the lamp, and then clear you want to switch with which two terminals connected directly to the lamp and the switch terminals are connected in series so, when the switch is switched on the lamp is bright.

The four switches of the push-button switch are normally open and normally closed, and which two of them depend on line requirements. For example, a simple self locking line is a normal closure of a button as a stop, and the normal opening of a button is started. Then, when the button is not pressed, the call is closed, and the button is broken after the button is pressed. When the button is not pressed, the disconnected call is often opened, and the button is turned on. Of course, it is measured with the ohm (omega) of the multimeter.