The Selection And Use Of The Button Signal Lamp

- Mar 22, 2018-

In the electrical control loop, the button indicator is the most widely used master control and signal monitoring element. There are often some misunderstandings in use. Here's some information about you.

Button light color selection button is operated according to the principle: (press) caused by the function, or the indicator light is turned on (luminescence) or reflected the information of color selection; color alone cannot represent the function or operation state, can be on the device or devices nearby, adding graphics or text symbols necessary the.

How is the color of the indicator to be used correctly?

1, the indicator light (also known as the signal lamp) is mainly caused by the way of light indication, which causes the operator to notice or instruct the operator to do some operation, and as an indication that a certain state or instruction is being executed or executed.

2. In general, red or yellow lights are used for power instructions and closing instructions. A red signal lamp is used for the motor's operation instructions and failure instructions, and the green signal is stopped. A white lamp is used for the operation of the reactive power compensation capacitor. The star triangle running instructions indicate the use of the yellow light, and the triangle runs with the red light.

How can the button color be used correctly?

1, the button is mainly used to execute or remove an instruction.

2. The use and meaning of the color specified in the standard are as follows.

Use of button color

In the process of using a button for double use "start" and "stop" or "power" and "power", change the function of alternating pressing, neither can nor red, green, and the application of black and white or gray button; for point or application requirements, black micro-motion white, grey or green button, it is best to use the black button; the "reset" button, blue, black, white or gray button single function, at the same time, with the red button to stop power function.