Ip67 Rated Push Button Switch

Ip67 Rated Push Button Switch

19m push button, Tri-colour, IP67
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1. Specifications

Panel Cutout: φ 19mm

Contact Configuratin: 11 1NO 1NC

                                      22 2NO 2NC

Terminal: Pin(2.8*0.5mm)

Switching: C(Sinal -break fast-motion contact)

Rating: Ith: 5A Ui: 250V

Contact Resistance: ≤50mΩ

Insulation Resistance: ≥1000MΩ

Electrical strength: 1500VAC, 50Hz, 1min

Operating Temperature: -25℃~+55℃(No freeze)

Mechanical Life: 1,000,000 cycles

Electrical Life: 50,000 cycles

Panel Thickness: 1~10mm

Torque: About 0.6Nm

Actuation Travel: About 3.1mm

Protection Class: IP65, IK08

Contact: Silvery Alloy

Actuator: Stainless steel/Aluminum (Black)

Body: Stainless steel/Aluminum (Black)

Base: PBT

2. Drawing :


3: LED rating



4. Switchi Rating


5. About ONPOW:

Our products are available in the following specifications: LAS1 (Φ16), LAS1-A (Φ16), LAS1-B (AH16) (Φ16), LAS1-C (Φ16), CK16 (Φ16), LAS2 (Φ12), LAS3 (Φ10), LAS4 (Φ8), LAS0 (Φ22), LAS0-A (Φ16), Y090 (Φ22 or Φ25), Y090-A (Φ22 or Φ25), AD11 (Φ25), HB25 (Φ25) and HB30 (Φ30).

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