12v Illuminated Momentary Push Button Switch

12v Illuminated Momentary Push Button Switch

22mm illuminated two position pushbutton switch HBY5S-□D/▲
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1. Product description

Part number: HBY5S-□D/▲

Mounting hole: Φ22mm

Switch Rating: AC500V/1.4A, DC220V/0.6A

LED: Orange

Mechanical life: 1,000,000 cycles                             

Electrical life: 50,000 cycles

Operating temperature: -25°C ~ +55°C

2. Drawing :






3. Lead time: 500pcs/12workdays

Payment: Wire transfer before shipment.

4.Picture about factory:



Q1.How about the quality of the product?
 A: We are manufacturer specialied in push button switch since 1988; our goods are sold very well around the world; our main customers are from USA and Europe, which market is strict with goods' quality; our clients usually work with us for years.


Q2. How about the price of the product?
 A: We are the manufacturer and we have a fairly advantaged competitive price; we have machines that almost all the spare parts are manufactured by ourself.

Q3.How do we know you are a reliable supplier?
A: Our brand is famous in industry, we manufacture and sell our products for 30years; our business increased every year.

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